About me

I'm Sabrina Kraus, a professional coach, NLP expert, and Lego® Serious Play® facilitator, with the added joy of being an author of a children's book. Although I was born in Germany, my heart has found its home in Barcelona. I hold a firm belief that life is an exciting adventure, and the learning process is continuous. Every adventure begins with a dream or, as we term it in coaching, an "objective."

Coaching - my passion

It's never too late to reinvent yourself! When I became a mother, my life underwent a profound transformation. Balancing new responsibilities while preserving my identity was crucial. Despite having established my own advertising & promotion company, a venture that demanded considerable effort and dedication, I felt it no longer aligned with my new role of being a mother. Intuitively, I recognized that this business wouldn't fulfill me in the long run; I yearned for something that would bring genuine happiness to my life. Years prior, I pursued my Practitioner in NLP, fascinated by the profound impact these techniques have. It was during this period that I decided to pursue my Master in NLP, to enter into the world of Coaching. Juggling work commitments with weekend studies proved challenging, especially alongside my duties as a mother and wife. However, perseverance was the key, and I became licensed as a Coach & NLP expert under Richard Bandler, the Co-founder of NLP in the United States. Since then, I've had the privilege of pursuing my true passion. Guiding individuals through their personal and professional growth which feels immensely fulfilling. In my coaching sessions, I integrate powerful NLP techniques and Ericksonian Hypnosis to align goals and foster new habits with the innate power of the subconscious mind.

Dreams are meant to be achieved

One of my biggest dreams began to blossom when I was only 9 years old. At that time, I lived in a small town in Germany. I vividly remember a summer vacation to Valencia as if it were yesterday. During our journey to the south of Spain, we briefly passed through Barcelona, and I fell in love with this beautiful city. That's when I decided it was the place where I wanted to live one day. A little over 10 years later, at the age of 22, I made it happen. That's why I believe dreams are meant to be achieved. We all have dreams. What are yours?

The author within

When my first son was born, I became more aware of the values and lessons I wanted to teach him. This inspired me to write a children's book about someone who deeply inspired me and successfully pursued her dream. "Jane Goodall - An inspiring story" tells the remarkable life of primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall and how she achieved her dream despite facing fears and obstacles. Through this book, I visit schools to conduct storytelling activities, aiming to inspire both girls and boys to chase their dreams and boost their self-esteem. Additionally, the book holds an important message for parents; I firmly believe that we play a crucial role in supporting and guiding our children, regardless of what their dream might be.

My commitment

I always strive to give my best during each coaching session. My clients have confirmed that integrating coaching with NLP techniques (neurolinguistic programming) enables lasting changes in less time. You can view their testimonials here. It brings me great pride to witness how my clients overcome their fears and alter habits to reach their goals. We all possess immense potential; it's simply a matter of discovering it, creating an action plan, and transforming it into reality.

If you're ready to achieve your goals, don't wait any longer, do it now!

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