Corporate coaching

There are more and more companies with unmotivated employees, who do not identify with the values ​​of the company and there are situations where conflicts arise between employees. In addition there is a higher stress level, lack of focus, leadership problems, misaligned teams, ineffective communication, and a lack of work-life balance. These are just a few topics that I can cover in my corporate coaching sessions.

I am in charge of motivating employees with different tools to put an end to all these situations. I use innovative techniques geared towards real results, such as C-Wellbeing and Lego® Serious Play®.

What is the process like and what does it consist of?

Free interview

We have a meeting to detail the current situation that needs to improve. At the same time, it is important to specify what you want to achieve with the workshop and coaching sessions.


With this information I will create a custom proposal that suits your needs. This includes the presentation, objectives, tools, evaluation methods, duration, dates, and budget.

Final Proposal

After evaluating the proposal, I will make the necessary changes to adapt it even more to your needs. I present you the final proposal, you confirm and we begin to work to achieve your goals.

Do you want real results?

Then start to empower the individual leadership of your employees. This will translate into a higher involvement, creativity and responsibility. Internal conflicts that prevent effective communication between employees and the team must be solved.

We want teams that are aligned, involved, creative and responsible so that employees feel motivated, productive and happier.

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