from brave people who decided to improve their lives

Being in a relationship with a narcissist was exhausting and draining. As much as I wanted to get out of this toxic relationship I realized I couldn’t do it on my own. The trauma bond was too strong. Sabrina was committed and aspiring to help me out of this stagnation. Her methods reminded me of my worth and she helped me to use them whenever I felt ‘weak’. I’m so grateful to have had her as my coach. Finally I could leave him without feeling guilty.

I would get back to her anytime I felt I needed emotional and motivational support - Marta

Before I met Sabrina I had mayor blockages at all levels, work, relationship, family... I had no illusion for anything. I was in an existential crisis after a recent divorce, moving from another country, unemployment... I had no strength for anything, I felt stuck in a dead end from which I was not able to get out on my own. After a few sessions with Sabrina my view of life has changed radically, I am now motivated, energetic and positive! Sabrina has helped me in different areas that were drowning me, such as bad memories of my childhood and bad work experiences. And now, those limiting factors I had are no longer an obstacle. She has also helped me to know myself better and to live in harmony with my values.

Thank you very much Sabrina!!! - Oriol

Since my childhood I had the incomprehensible habit of eating the corners of the pages of books... After only one session with Sabrina, this habit stopped completely!

Thanks to NLP techniques this unpleasant habit has completely disappeared - Felipe

I had a time when I had a phobic about driving on high places like bridges or mountain passes. After a few sessions with Sabrina, I regained my confidence behind the wheel and enjoyed myself as I had always done. Great professional who always tries to understand you and supports you as much as possible. Highly recommendable!

Thanks to Sabrina I am no longer afraid to cross viaducts or bridges - Jordi

The last 2 years have been very difficult for us as a couple because we have 2 small children who require a lot of time and dedication. We were on the verge of divorce. With Sabrina's help we have been able to overcome this crisis and take a step forward in our relationship. Sabrina is a very sensitive person who knows the issues very well, being a mother herself. Through her sessions, I have been able to see and understand that we as mothers have to take care of ourselves before taking care of our families. She helped me to look at my family situation from a different point of view. She is a great professional. I thank her for being by my side and for having guided me from this path that seemed to be a dead end.

Thank you so much for bringing light and peace back into my life - Marta

I have always been in contact with many techniques of self-discovery and personal development. Even so, Sabrina has been able to teach me something new and above all make me practice many things that I already knew, but never did. These made a great change in me and therefore in my life. I am very grateful that she has pushed me and that she continues to be aware of everything I do.

Thank you for everything - Andrea

After a difficult situation with my ex-partner, coaching with Sabrina has helped me a lot to overcome my concerns and the way I see and control my current situation and my emotions. I have recovered my well-being and I moved on, because the sun is always rising again. Her meditations are pure peace and quietness ?

Sabrina is a great professional, thank you very much for everything - Boris

My experience with Sabrina has been very positive. The techniques helped me to maintain the necessary motivation to continue with my career, introducing small tasks that helped me not to lose sight of my goals and with her support I stayed focused on what I want.

Thank you for your support - Andrés

A few months ago I was in a moment of change and I knew that I needed help to improve my life. In the sessions with Sabrina I found out a lot about myself and she helped me unblock fears and limitations that I didn't even knew I had. I found new goals that have led me to a better job and all this in just 5 sessions. The last few months have been incredible.

Thank you so much - Maria

Overcoming my fears has been the key to finding a new job when everyone told me to stay where I was. She trusted in me and gave me enough strength to believe in myself.

Now I know that it is possible - Carme

I remember very well the moment when she woke up "my other self" of which I had completely forgotten. She reminded me of everything I had accomplished up to that day and the will and desire I had. When I left the session I felt like the protagonist of the best movie of the year, I walked down the street determined, with confidence, visualizing everything that I had to do to achieve what I wanted. I swear a soundtrack was heard as I passed!! She also has a super special voice that made me react and change my way of seeing my life and how to act in front of everything.

Thanks for waking me up - Ilka

Half a year ago my head was a sea of ​​ideas, insecurities and fears. Coaching with Sabrina has been a continuous motivation for me, taking out of me what I didn't even know I had. Week after week I have set new goals for myself. She is very professional, positive and has been very involved to carry out my new project.

Without her I would not be where I am now - Sara

Sabrina accompanied me in a chaotic stage of my life, I didn't know what I wanted, I felt lost. Thanks to coaching, this stage was transformed into self-knowledge and growth in all areas of my life. The NLP techniques helped me to improve my self-esteem and confidence. I became stronger, more capable, more courageous and it helped me understand that we really have a choice what to do with our lives.

Now I do what I am passionate about - Julia

After years of suffering, hurting myself and the people around me, I decided to ask for help. In the sessions I learned a lot about myself, my beliefs and how to forgive not only others but also myself. Now I feel strong, hopeful and above all I know that I can be happy.

Goodbye darkness - welcome happiness - Carla