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If you have a children's corner that you want to fill with joy, inspiration and creativity, I will be happy to take my suitcase full of experiences. An ideal activity for all types of events, whether for a festival, fair, exhibition, bookstore or an opening of a children's store.

Under the slogan "Believe in yourself and never stop dreaming", I invite young boys and girls to an unforgettable storytelling experience which will inspire them to follow their dreams. In addition, I also work the emotional intelligence, confidence, self-awareness and professions (What they want to be when they grow up?).

A great activity for girls and boys ages 5 to 11.

I accompany the storyteller experience with a dynamic activity which I explain below:
I start by reading them the book (they listen)
then I do a questionnaire (they answer)
I ask them about their dreams (they think)
I then give them a piece of paper so that they can let their creativity flow (they draw).

Finally, I show them "the box of dreams" where I store all dreams so that they don´t get lost. They love it!

And I love seeing their faces full of joy.

I also have the book available in other languages and I offer the same activity in Spanish or German.

Not only do they listen to the inspiring story of Jane Goodall, but they also learn something about themselves. I believe that currently, children are in need of positive examples and this book, based on a true story, will make them feel easily connected.

Dr. Jane Goodall is a primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist and UN Messenger of Peace. She has dedicated her whole life to research, rescue and conservation of chimpanzees. She cares deeply about environmental education and sustainable development to make this world a better place for the generations to come. She lives her dream because she has always followed her heart.

In addition, I´m collaborating with the Jane Goodall Institute, and they have several interesting projects, that can be added to the activity:

If you are looking for a special activity that will inspire children and above all, make them have some fun, contact me.

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