Jane Goodall

An inspiring story

Are you looking for a book with a message that inspires your children to follow their dreams, touches your heart and, most importantly tells a true story?

You will get all these and much more with this book that tells the story of the fascinating life of Dr. Jane Goodall, primatologist and messenger of peace.

It's an inspiring story that leads the reader through an incredible journey that shows that our dreams can come true.

We should never forget that a dream has the power to nurture our will and gives us the strength to achieve anything in life.

The book features a mini-quiz, which makes it a great option for schools as well as for parents. With these questions, you can start an interesting and valuable conversation with the children and their answers will surprise you over and over again.

Recommended age: 6 to 10 for self-reading and can be used as a read-along with pre-schoolers.

Additionally, part of the profits of this book will go to one of Jane Goodall’s organizations called Roots&Shoots Spain (Raíces&Brotes), which is part of a global youth-led program that seeks to improve the environment, help animals and people, and make our world a better place.