Jane Goodall

An inspiring story

A children's book with an important message that inspires boys and girls to follow their dreams. The narrator, Albert, is sitting with a few kids around a campfire to tell them one of his amazing stories. Through a simple question, they begin to share their dreams which leads them to the true and fascinating story of Jane Goodall, a primatologist and messenger of peace.

An inspiring story, written with love, which leads the reader to the ups and downs one can experience during this incredible adventure we call life. However, one thing is clear, if Jane was able to achieve her dream, anyone can do so. Even though it may seem difficult at times, the journey is always worth it, because when we do what we love, in addition to feeling completely happy, we can inspire others.

Through a simple question, they begin to share their dreams which leads them to the true and fascinating story of Jane Goodall.


I really like the illustrations, as they are both dynamic and eye-catching, besides, the message conveys to children to be consistent with their dreams and desires. It is also didactic, and it includes a small questionnaire at the end which serves as a reading comprehension exercise to be completed with the little ones. I highly recommended it!!!

Mother, beautiful and educational

It will keep you interested through its wonderful and inspiring story and beautiful illustrations. I believe it is very important to not forget how each one of us can make a difference in our world. And this book reminds us of just that. You have to follow your dreams and the most incredible things will happen and you can therefore influence the world in more ways than you could have imagine, even inspiring others to do the same. Thank you for this beautiful book, full of good intentions and love.

Teacher, every child should read it!
With magnificent illustrations. My 6-year-old son loved it and the beautiful thing is that they start thinking about themselves. It´s a great tool which can be used to motivate and help children have confidence in themselves from an early age. Highly recommended!
Elena, a beautiful story.

A children's book with excellent and eye-catching illustrations and a great message behind an entertaining story, easy, and fun to read. Fight for your dreams, go after them and you will achieve everything you set out to do even if at first it might seem like a utopia. And never, under any circumstances, listen to those who say "you can´t".

The littles ones at home will enjoy it a lot and parents who decide to read it with them will do so as well.

Mother of two, the little ones at home will love it - it´s very inspiring