Ready for an One-on-One session?

Coaching will allow you to obtain extraordinary results in your life. I do tailored sessions where I accompany you on a journey of personal and professional growth. Whatever your current situation. In life you can find yourself facing different circumstances that will force you to face new challenges. These situations can turn into a vital crisis for some. It can be due to a divorce, having children, a loss, a dismissal, a new job or moving to another city. Others may want to find a balance in their lives because they feel that they lack something. These moments of transition are precisely where we often need a guide to accompany us to emerge stronger from those moments.

I will accompany you when ...

  • you go through a difficult time
  • you lack confidence or feel insecure
  • you want to overcome fears, a trauma or a phobia
  • you block yourself in specific situations
  • you are not sure of how to reach your goal
  • you want to change unhealthy habits
  • you feel empty inside
  • you are afraid of failure
  • you want to reduce stress

So that you can...

  • leave that moment behind
  • increase your self-esteem and confidence
  • neutralize negative emotions
  • leave fears and mental blocks behind
  • reach your goals
  • stop smoking and eat healthy
  • have clarity and achieve what you want
  • unlock emotional brakes
  • improve your time management

What are the sessions like?

During one-on-one sessions, you set yourself goals that are in harmony with your values. With powerful questions I invite you to reflect so that you can become aware of new paths, options, and solutions. Thanks to NLP techniques, you can unblock habits or behaviors that slow you down and do not help you reach your goals. With only a few sessions, you can get lasting and deep changes because you learn to use new strategies to overcome fears, develop new skills, improve relationships, and resolve conflicts. Sounds great, right?

If you believe this is for you and you want to know more, contact me to schedule a first appointment absolutely free!

I will leave you a few reviews from my clients to read first hand what they have achieved in a few sessions.

¿What are my clients saying?

A few months ago I was undergoing a moment of change and I knew I needed help to improve my life. During the sessions with Sabrina, I realized many things and it helped me to unlock fears and limitations I was not even aware about. I discovered new goals that led me to a better job and I did so in about 5 sessions. The last months have been incredible.

Thank you very much, Maria

My experience with Sabrina has been very positive. The immersive techniques have helped me maintain the necessary motivation to continue with my career, introducing small tasks that help me not to lose sight of my goals and getting closer to achieve them.

Thanks for your support, Andrés

Overcoming my fears has been the key to finding a new job when everyone told me to stay where I was. She trusted me and gave me enough strength.

Now I know it's possible, Carme

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