What is NLP Coaching?

The coaching sessions I combine with NLP techniques and that makes them more effective. Through coaching the client set the focus towards the goals while the Coach helps to reflect by asking powerful questions and accompanies the client to create an action plan. In our journey to achieve our goal, we may find ourselves before emotional brakes, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, bad habits, fears ... to name just a few. And that's where NLP come into play which offers techniques to unlock those mental processes that don't help us reach our goal.

What is the methodology?

It is a method which consists of accompanying or guiding a person or a group to reach an objective, to achieve goals or to develop new skills. It promotes positive change that is in line with their core values and it only works if the person is committed to reaching the goal.

The keys to coaching are:

  • Consciousness (I want)
  • Self-belief (I can)
  • Responsibility (I do)

What are the sessions like?

During Coaching sessions, the client focuses on the objective, by becoming aware of the current situation to design an action plan that leads to the goal. Depending on the objective, after the first session, I will be able to provide an estimate regarding the number of sessions and their frequency.

NLP coaching sessions:

  • last between 60 and 120 minutes
  • are weekly or on a biweekly basis
  • have a total of 4 to 7 sessions

What are NLP techniques for?

During coaching process, the client detects both their skills and abilities as well as their difficulties and limitations. Once identified, NLP comes into play. NLP techniques help get rid of fears, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, the aftermath of a previous experience, unhealthy habits, unhelpful behaviors, and emotional blocks. We all have unconscious automatisms that don't help us reach our goals. NLP techniques allows for lasting and deep changes because the client learns to use new strategies and behavior patterns to overcome fears, change habits, improve relationships and resolve conflicts.

These techniques are used to:

  • manage moments of crisis (divorce, dismissal, exams, presentations)
  • treat unhealthy habits (smoking, biting ones nails, eating sweets excessively, ...)
  • overcome traumas and cure phobias (fear of visiting the dentist, animals, flying, fear of heights, ...)
  • increase security and self-confidence
  • increase concentration at work or school
  • develop social skills
  • increase self-esteem
  • reduce stress
  • improve relationships
  • communicate effectively
  • improve time management
  • eating healthy…

If you are looking for results and believe now is the time, contact me for a first appointment absolutely free.

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